• Somateria molissima

    Somateria molissima

    Easter spring the air is bright and the sea is glittering. I was down by the seashore today when I heard a peculiar sound like sirens. I gazed at the face of the sea that waved like a voile of a million twinkling stars. It made me dizzy, but then I discovered a group of large ducks performing some ecstatic movements while making that siren sound  They were 5 black and white birds surrounding a rather grey brown duck. And I realized it was Ærfulglen sin parringslek jeg så. Eider. Somateria molissima. 

    They are fabulous divers and are sometimes dissipears for more then a minute. 

    As  my eye sight  sharpened I discovered more colours on the male birds, apart from the jetblack there was a delicate pink and a soft yellow and an emerald green like painted on the the brightest of whites.

    Quite a sight!!!